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Welcome Welcome to China Tiger!

First of all...China Tiger is not a hotel! We offer three inspiring self contained studio apartments in the middle of the heritage zone for those who want to experience a longer period in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you stay with us you contribute to the betterment of George Town and the whole UNESCO site.

How? Why?......Because your rental payments contribute to the programme that sponsors artists, experts & students that can make a difference, engage with the public & authorities, and create awareness of the need to conserve, manage & ensure that whatever is happening in this World Heritage Site(WHS) is sustainable.

In my work over the last 7 years with the Penang Heritage Trust I have been heavily involved with the call to remove all swiftlet farms out of the WHS. This has lead to much frustration with authorities and a huge amount of advocacy work & research in order to support the reasons for this call. At the end of 2013, the State Government announced that they have removed all swiftlet farms out of the WHS. This is a confident statement on their part and the George Town World Heritage Incorporated(the State authority set up to manage the WHS) has to now ensure that the swiftlet farms stay out, and not just 'reopen' because the swiftlets fly back..... Its a long story!

At China Tiger we feel that the best way to generate awareness for the problems that the WHS is facing, is to actually sponsor the apartments to specific experts, students & artists that will work hard at creating awareness, lobby the authorities and advocate for a sustainable, quality WHS for the future. Is this possible?! Well...we will certainly try to stir things up for the better!

China Tiger has earlier this year, sponsored a PHD student, Creighton, from the University of Manchester for 3 months and he has worked tirelessly to reach a conclusion over the current state of the swiftlet farms in George Town after the ban. Read his fieldwork summary on our Blog page.

We have welcomed 2 Korean artists for a month and enjoyed the result of their hard work exhibited during the George Town Festival.

In November we welcome for a short time, artist Jamie Toll, from Sydney but now living in New York. Involved with the upcoming Urban Xchange Forum, he will be working with the Tropical Spice Garden and will be presenting work themed around our fantastic Malaysian birds.

We continue to support the work of the Penang Heritage Trust and their programmes.

China Tiger is in short walking distance of all the heritage, & art sites in George Town, and surrounded by great food, spices, culture & wonderfully busy streets, temples & architecture. Perfect for family or friends. Stocked with basic amenities. A home away from home. Long and short rental terms are available.

The 2 Studio Apartments are open plan- 1 big space of c.1200 sq. feet- with 1 king size bed and 3 singles. There is 1 apartment on each floor. Big dining table, proper kitchen area & seating area. Great large, open & airy spaces kitted out with locally found vintage furniture & knick knacks.

Apply for our Student & Artist, Residency & Advocacy Programme. Artists, other experts & students have a chance to apply for a month long residency or more, in one of our apartments. We know George Town inspires and we want you to work! Check it out!

Thanks! Rebecca

Become a member of Penang Heritage Trust at:

No. 29 China Street, George Town, 10200 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: +604 226 3016

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